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NYC Public Art Map and Guide : NYC Parks

NYC Public Art Map and Guide New York City’s parks are host to the country’s greatest outdoor public art museum. With hundreds of permanent works in collection and more than a dozen works of temporary art on display at any given time, there’s always something new to see just around the

Culture Lounge’s new exhibit “WISH,”will ask visitors to the gallery space at the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal, “What do you wish?”

A wish is a desire connected to the heart and mind, conscious and unconscious. There is great power in a wish; it begins an energy movement. Thinking, writing, revealing a wish helps one to understand one’s self more and prioritize actions. Related to hope, wishes become a constant reminder of

Learn About the Staten Island Port Richmond Community Emergency Response Team

 The Port Richmond Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an active neighborhood and community-based volunteer team committed to: Inform and educate their neighbors about disaster preparedness Assist public safety agencies and local community boards with public events Respond to local disasters in accordance with CERT protocols and support emergency personnel upon their arrival