NYC Parks declares Mulchfest part of New York City’s Holiday Tradition


New Mulchfest brand advertisement campaign launched


Mulchfest takes place January 4-13, 2019

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Mulchfest a part of the New York City Holiday tradition, encouraging New Yorkers to make greening a family activity, instead of “pine-ing” for their trees.

NYC Parks presents its annual fun, free, and environmentally-friendly way to bid trees “fir-well” when this year’s season comes to an end. Look for the new Mulchfest look that celebrates New Yorkers’ post-holiday tradition of dragging their trees to a local park for mulching. An illustrated cast of diverse characters use bikes, strollers, teamwork, and other creative methods to get their trees to the chippers so that their ever-greens can be turned into mulch that will help to reduce waste, protect and nourish other trees and plants throughout the city.

With 68 total drop-off sites, including parks and Greenthumb gardens, New Yorkers can drop off their trees between January 4 and 14, 2019. Dates have been extended this year for those who celebrate Three Kings Day.

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On the final weekend of Mulchfest, January 13th, and 14th, at 31 chipping sites across the city, visitors can pick up mulch to take home. Weather permitting, DSNY will collect and compost clean Christmas trees left at curbs from Wednesday, January 2nd through Saturday, January 12, 2019.

For more than 20 years, Parks and DSNY have collected and mulched trees to help to plant beds and community gardens around the city grow. Mulch maintains the health of our trees and plants citywide by deterring weeds, retaining moisture, preventing compaction, adding nutrients to the soil, and keeping roots warm. In recent years, Parks has mulched between 25,000 and 30,000 on average annually.

Mulchfest Say fir-well to your holiday tree at NYC Parks!


January 4-13, 2019

Wrap up your holiday season and say goodbye to your tree at Mulchfest. Join NYC Parks and the New York City Department of Sanitation  in the NYC holiday tradition of recycling your Christmas tree!

Put on your boots and haul your tree to a Mulchfest location — we’ll chip your tree into wood chips that we’ll use to nourish trees and make NYC even greener.

More than 25,000 trees were recycled last year. Help us top this number!

Mulchfest activity

Know Before You Go

Please remember to remove all lights, ornaments, and netting before bringing the tree to a Mulchfest site. Bags will be provided if you wish to take some free mulch home. Mulch is available at the sites marked with an asterisk (*) below.

How to Volunteer

Help us spread mulch in tree beds throughout the city during Mulchfest! Join our Stewardship Team to help us spread mulch and insulate our young trees from the cold weather. Find a site near you, and help give back! Register today

Mulchfest Locations

Find a Mulchfest location near you!

All MulchFest locations

Staten Island

Location Address Service
Clove Lakes Park* Cheshire Place and Clove Road Chipping
Conference House Park* Parking lot at Hylan Boulevard and Satterlee Street Chipping
Father Macris Park Fahy Avenue and Lambert’s Lane Drop-off only
Midland Beach* Parking lot #6 at Father Capodanno Boulevard and Graham Boulevard Chipping
Silver Lake Tennis House University Place and Revere Street Drop-off only
High Rock Park Summit Avenue Parking Lot (across from 105 Summit Avenue) Drop-off only
Tappen Park Bay Street and Canal Street Drop-off only
Westerleigh Park Maine Avenue and Neal Dow Avenue Chipping
Willowbrook Park Richmond Avenue and Eton Place Drop-off only
Wolfe’s Pond Park Cornelia Avenue and Hylan Boulevard Drop-off only

Mulch is available at the chipping sites marked with an asterisk (*).

DSNY Curbside Collections

The NYC Department of Sanitation will also be conducting special curbside collections for mulching and recycling of Christmas trees from Wednesday, January 2, 2019 through Saturday, January 12, 2019. For more information, please visit DSNY’s Curbside Collections website.


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