“Some Guys are Bigger Than Others” is a short film by Made In SI films about a “Morissey” fan named Jim, who is trying to convince his friends that he can wrestle. When his two friends Devin and Kenny bring him to a Lucha Libre (“free wrestling”) competition, Jim finds he has to do whatever he can to survive.

Jim, A “Morissey” fan tries to prove to his friends that he can wrestle. When his friends Devin and Kenny bring him to an Amateur Luchador match, Jim has to prove that he can make it out alive. A “Made In SI” short film directed by Geoff Celis starring Tim Duffy, Kevin Devlin, Casey Jost, and introducing Michaelangelo Muniz with appearances by Impractical Joker’s Brian Quinn

The film is expected to release at film festivals in 2015.

 The film first began in 2013, when director Geoff Celis  first conceptualized Some Guys Are Bigger Thank Others.  Geoff imagined a series of Spanish-speaking Luchadores; Lucha libre fighters, surrounding a newcomer who didn’t know the language and wondering how he ended up in this mess. Geoff expanded his story line while working with writer/comedian Tim Duffy on the screenplay. With out any funding Geoff needed to be creative with his resources and applied for grants to finance a short film and begin producing the project. Later that year, the short film project was awarded a grant from Staten Island Arts,  supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Funding alos came through a crowd-sourced Indiegogo kickstarter.  As soon a financing opportuninties started coming in Geoff brought on collaborators Casey Jost and Kevin Devlin to help Tim Duffy expand the story and further develop the screenplay. The additional cast and crew are Staten Island and NYC co-workers and friends.   Impractical Jokers star and comedian Staten Islander Brian Quinn  makes a cameo. In 2014, the “Some Guys” began production on location in Staten Island  at SI Makerspace with the help of the Warriors of Wrestling.


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